Suede, Leather & Furs

How to care for Suede, Leather & Furs Our professional leather, suede, and fur cleaners at London Dry Cleaning Company can make the hardest stains, cracks, and scratches disappear while still maintaining the natural appearance of clothing. The process includes removing dirt and stains and adding natural oils, tannins, and conditioners that are lost due to normal wear

Wedding Gowns

  If your wedding gowns is stained badly or damaged on your wedding day, choose a cleaner to do laundry work on it. Whether your wedding gown is from a popular brand or a designer no one has heard of them, the dress represents a wonderful day and should be preserved for you. A gown is a real

Shoe Repair

What is shoe repair? Most of the time, you cannot decide if you should do repairing shoes or buy them new. Of course, repairing your shoes, even if it's not cost-effective, is probably almost always the greener and better choice, unless you're replacing the whole body of the shoe. Taking good care of leather shoes and faux-leather shoes


  We believe if your clothes do not fit well, nothing is matters anymore. As the fit is a crucial aspect of style, the price, brand, and other issue are not countable without it. London Dry Cleaning Company provides complete clothing alteration services. We try to provide you with a quality alteration every time you visit our company.


What is Laundry? The fundamental difference between Dry Cleaning and Laundry and Laundry is water. Laundry uses water while dry cleaning does not. Laundry processes include washing (usually with water containing detergents or other chemicals), soaking, agitation, rinsing, drying, pressing (ironing), and folding. On the other hand, laundry uses no harmful chemicals and it is free from chemical

London Dry Cleaning Company
Dry Cleaning

What is Dry Cleaning? Dry Cleaning is just like a sizeable front-load tumble drum washing machine which does not use water. But in reality, the clothes get plenty wet, only not with water. So, dry Cleaning is not a “dry” process. Nowadays, we use various solvents for washing such as Perchloroethylene (PERC), Tetrachloroethene, Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO) Petroleum