The London Dry Cleaning Company offers the widest range of laundry and specialist dry cleaning services available in the UK. From specialist dry cleaning, laundry and alterations services to wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation.

Below are just a few of the specialist services offered by The London Dry Cleaning Company

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Dry Cleaning

We don’t only offer one of the fastest and most convenient door to door specialist dry cleaning services in London, our attention to the detail and quality of our dry cleaning is second to none. Our quality control specialist personally supervises and inspect every single item from the very first steps of cleaning to the final wrapping. We also conduct minor repairs before cleaning and also after the final inspection of the garment. We always make sure our services are tailored to your needs.

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Our state of the art laundry facilities are geared to meet all your requirements. We only use a special detergent exclusively developed for different types of fabric from Cotton shirts to silk Bedsheets. We guarantee the best quality for your laundered items, hand finished and pressed to the perfection.

Laundered shirts are offered both hanged and folded to perfection and of course we return them with all buttons in place.

Stylized illustration of a t-shirt with a splash design in the center, set against a circular background, perfect for alterations or featuring your brand's creative vibe.


Our tailors are garment craftsmen with years of experience who give us the confidence to accept all types of garments of varying fabrics for alterations. We also do various types of repairs from zipper changes and button replacements to mending hems. We accept special requests too. Our duty is to ensure that your wardrobe fits you exactly as you desire.

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Shoe Repair

We handle all types of shoes and boots repairs from a simple shine to an entire reconstruction.

We correct rips, damaged corking and repair cracked heels. In addition our cobblers offer waterproofing and basic reconditioning.

For men’s shoes, all manner of repairs are undertaken. We replace leather or rubber soles and repair heels and stitching.

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Wedding Gowns

At the London Dry Cleaning company wedding dress dry cleaning is one of our most popular services! Wedding dress and ball gowns are dry cleaned with extra care. Presentation box and vacuum packing service are available. With individual strain removal by hand before cleaning, and hand finishing before preserving in our unique vacuum process, your wedding dress has the finest care lavished upon it.

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Suede, Leather & Furs

Cleaning items tailored from Suede, leather, sheepskin or pigskin requires expert knowledge and that’s why the London Dry Cleaning company carefully assesses every single item before choosing the suitable method to clean it thoroughly and return it to you in impeccable condition.