We believe if your clothes do not fit well, nothing is matters anymore. As the fit is a crucial aspect of style, the price, brand, and other issue are not countable without it.
London Dry Cleaning Company provides complete clothing alteration services. We try to provide you with a quality alteration every time you visit our company. Our qualified experts care about what they do. Our tailors are garment craftsmen with years of experience who give us the confidence to accept all types of garments of varying fabrics for alterations.


Types of alterations and repairs that we provide include:​


– Hemming of dresses, skirts, and pants

Sometimes you buy clothes which are not exactly your size. Maybe it is a little too short or too long. Don’t worry at all. We can make them finally fit by lengthening or shorting the items.

– Replacing buttons, fasteners, and zippers

, some people throw garments away entirely, because of a broken zipper. After looking at them, our experts determine if the zipper is salvageable or it could be replaced. Also, some of the buttons need repair or replacement.

 – Repairing jeans

we remove the amount of fabric needed from the bottom of your jeans and reattach your worn/distressed hem to the bottom of the new length.

 – Linings

If the coat and jacket become worn or ripped, we can mend them.

Our various alteration services include more, and you should know these services are not limited. We accept special requests too.


Other services:

– Splitting the waist.

– Repairing fabric tears

– Patching jacket elbows

– Repairing and altering leather jackets and pants




In addition to laundry and dry cleaning, we also do various repairs from zipper changes and button replacements to mending hems. Our duty is to ensure that your wardrobe fits you precisely as you desire.
Fortunately, our tailors can make any garment fit you perfectly, whether it’s a formal gown or a lazy Sunday sweater. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone from our Contact Us page or order now.