How to care for Suede, Leather & Furs

Our professional leather, suede, and fur cleaners at London Dry Cleaning Company can make the hardest stains, cracks, and scratches disappear while still maintaining the natural appearance of clothing. The process includes removing dirt and stains and adding natural oils, tannins, and conditioners that are lost due to normal wear and tear. Only natural cleansers and conditioners can help your clothes maintain their beautiful appearance.
In addition to normal cracking and wear, many old coats, gloves, and other items will lose their natural color over time. Our services include professionally restoring your garment to its original color and gloss as if it were brand new
After a complete restoration, the garments can be pressed using machinery designed specifically for leather and suede garments to provide the highest quality finishes. Besides, every item is checked after the cleaning process is completed to ensure quality and consistency.
Leather, suede, and fur garments cannot be cleaned using standard dry cleaning procedures and cannot be washed. Using conventional cleaners to clean leather or suede clothing at home will remove any natural oils and tannins, which can cause cracks and hardening of the material.
If not handled properly, some of these problems will be irreversible. Since unique methods must be used to maintain the surface finish, feel and color, be sure to bring your clothing to an experienced suede, leather, and fur cleaner.


You can always put your suede, leather, and fur cleaning services at ease with the London Dry Cleaning Company. Whether it’s jackets, gloves, handbags, or even UGG boots, you can rely on us to provide the care and attention you need for your leather, suede, and fur; To order us, click here for more information about our services.
Cleaning items tailored from Suede, leather, sheepskin, or pigskin requires expert knowledge and that’s why the London Dry Cleaning company carefully assesses every single item before choosing a suitable method to clean it thoroughly and return it to you in impeccable condition.