water consumption in laundry
water consumption for laundry washing – how can we save water?

Water consumption is an essential factor when buying a washing machine. Because washing laundry is significant to the use of water for the average person. water used by clothes washers make up about 22 percent of an individual's total water use. In this post at London Dry Cleaning Company, we will show some ways to reduce water usage

How to clean a leather jacket

In the dry cleaning industry, there is myth and hype associated with leather cleaning. Because it is easy to make a leather cleaning process difficult and costly. If you know the right and wors way of leather cleaning, you will take advantage of having a leather item for a long period of time. As for most leather garments,

Does dry cleaning remove body odor?

 Body odor is not something to be afraid of. Although body odor is annoying, sweating is actually good for you. So what can we do to get rid of it? In this article at London Dry Cleaning Company, we want to know if dry cleaning removes the body odor or not. Dry cleaning is one of the cleaning

start your own dry cleaning service
How to start my own dry cleaning service?

Do you want to start a business that makes money from dirty garments? Everybody needs clean clothes. But nobody loves to do the washing and ironing. Lots of people can not care about remarkable apparels at home. So if you want to make money, Think more about starting a dry cleaning service. A valuable business which many people are looking

shoe cleaning sneakers
Tips for shoe cleaning

Dry cleaners can clean more than just clothes. Before shoe cleaning, make sure they don't need shoe repair. Then Identify the material you are working with. The material can be located on the tag inside the shoe or under the tongue. If you’re not sure, take the shoes to a professional. Some dry cleaners offer specific cleaning services

green dry cleaning
What is Green Dry Cleaning?

Green dry cleaning refers to any dry cleaning method that does not involve the use of perc. As explained before, dry cleaning is defined as a cleaning process for clothing that uses a chemical solvent other than water. Perc can enter the body through drinking water contamination, dermal exposure, or most frequently, inhalation. This is not only a health hazard

clothe dry cleaning
How often should you get your clothes dry cleaned?

When it comes to Dry Cleaning, the main concern for people is, "How often should I dry clean my clothes?" Our experts at London Dry Cleaning company explain when certain types of clothing need cleaning, so you can easily extend your wardrobe-essentials' lifespan. Typically after just one wear, you do not have your clothes dry cleaned. Soiling the

wedding dress cleaning
How to do a wedding dress cleaning?

A wedding day is the most important day of your life. Every bride wants to feel special in a beautiful wedding dress. So, it is essential to understand which way for the wedding dress cleaning is the best. In this article in London Dry Cleaning Company, we want to show you some safe ways for a wedding dress

washing baby clothes
Tips for washing baby clothes

Washing baby clothes is one of the most factors to keep babies healthy. Because their immune system is still evolving. In this article on London Dry Cleaning Company, we will say what to look for, what to avoid, and how to choose a laundry detergent for little one.  Stay with us.   How can do washing baby clothes? In

How to manage laundry for a large family

laundry management for a large family is a big issue. Many people tend to lose money in managing laundry, which is of course a challenge. It is worrying to see a large number of clothes stacked in the bathroom, dish basket, and bedroom space. We put a comprehensive article on London Dry Cleaning to present a large-scale home