If your wedding gowns is stained badly or damaged on your wedding day, choose a cleaner to do laundry work on it. Whether your wedding gown is from a popular brand or a designer no one has heard of them, the dress represents a wonderful day and should be preserved for you.
A gown is a real work of art. This is why we carefully clean it. Our wedding dress cleaning specialists at London Dry Cleaning Company will work till the last bit of stain and soil is gone and your dress is clean and bright once again. And because we use gentle non-toxic cleaning solutions, you won’t have to worry about any lingering chemical odor.

Before you send the wedding gown to be cleaned, there are some steps you need to do to maintain the integrity of your gown:
– Don’t wrap the dress in plastic
– Don’t hang your dress on an ordinary wood or wire hanger
– Don’t try to clean the stains yourself


The process of a wedding gown care in our company:


  • The first step begins with a gentle cleaning process to remove all stains that occurred on your wedding day. Our specialists can remove different kinds of stains, like Sugar Stains, Dirt Stains, Grass Stains, Pen Marks, Blood/Sweat Stains, Food Stains, Lipstick/Makeup Stains, and Fabric Yellowing. The areas like the hem, neckline, and underarms are the worst and need special attention. In this case, they will hand cleaned.
  • Next, your wedding dress is individually cleaned. We never wash these items with other dresses. In this step, we use a solvent that is gentler on fabric. All of this is done in our temperature and humidity-controlled preservation facility. 
  • Then a complete re-inspection takes place. Some stains can not be removed and need special treatment methods. So if any problem remains, it will re-done.
  • After that, we steam and hand-pressed your dress individually.
  • Finally, your dress is carefully placed in a box to reach you.wedding-gowns

The secret to cleaning and preserving your wedding gown is to have a professional do it. As each dress is its special project, we’ll make sure that your wedding dress remains soft and spotless and we even deliver it to you after cleaning, at your convenience.
At the London Dry Cleaning company wedding dress, dry cleaning is one of our most popular services! Wedding dress and ball gowns are dry cleaned with extra care.
A presentation box and vacuum packing service are available. With individual strain removal by hand before cleaning, and hand finishing before preserving in our unique vacuum process, your wedding dress has the finest care lavished upon it.
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