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We only use a special detergent exclusively developed for different types of fabric from Cotton shirts to silk Bedsheets.

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Our tailors are garment craftsmen with years of experience who give us the confidence to accept all types of garments of varying fabrics..

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Shoe Repair

We correct rips, damaged corking and repair cracked heels. In addition our cobblers offer waterproofing...

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Wedding Gowns

At the London Dry Cleaning company wedding dress dry cleaning is one of our most popular services!

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Suede, Leather & Furs

Cleaning items tailored from Suede, leather, sheepskin or pigskin requires expert knowledge

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Unlike what its name implies, dry cleaning is not actually a 'dry' process.
Clothes are soaked in a different solvent other than water.
The solvent used is typically Perchloroethylene
Exceptional service
Fast delivery
Spotless finish

Exceptional service

A personal service and bespoke care of your garments underpins our dry cleaning company’s ethos.  Whilst we take great pride in our online ordering services for laundry and cry cleaning, we welcome the opportunity to speak to you in person and address any concerns you have regarding the care of your garments.

Fast delivery

The London Dry Cleaning company’s vans now cover all areas of London ensuring fast and efficient collection of your garments at a time that suits you.  Our vans operate 7 days a week from 8 am till late.

Spotless finish

We use state of the art dry cleaning methods to guarantee an impeccable finish for all garments that are entrusted to our care. You will be delighted to behold garments that have been expertly dry cleaned using the finest cleaning materials and best machinery to give your clothes a new lease of life!

How it Works

Traditionally, the cleaning process was carried out at centralized factories. High street cleaners’ shops received garments from customers.

We are strong with you
We strive for your comfort

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Illustration of two women at a dry cleaning store. One woman stands behind the counter with cleaned garments, while the other collects a purple dress from a garment rack. The store also offers wedding dress care and alterations for its customers.
A person in a blue outfit performs laundry tasks: loading a washer, spraying a garment, holding folded clothes, and ironing. They also offer expert alterations to ensure the perfect fit.