In the dry cleaning industry, there is myth and hype associated with leather cleaning. Because it is easy to make a leather cleaning process difficult and costly. If you know the right and wors way of leather cleaning, you will take advantage of having a leather item for a long period of time.
As for most leather garments, the value at purchase is often less than the cost of cleaning, you should be able to take care of it at home.
Although leather cleaning is not complicated, making it look new just need awareness. Let’s look at the basics and how to keep your leather fresh and clean forever.

Understanding how to care for your leather jacket needs to know what you are cleaning. Knowing about the material will help you to take the best care of your leather jacket.
There are 4 different types of leather, each with its own care.

  • Suede
  • Nubuck
  • Aniline 
  • Nappa

Leather Jacket Cleaning Process

Before jumping into leather cleaning, it would be wise to check the labels inside your leather jacket. Care instruction can be positively useful, such as how often to waterproof or condition the jacket. If you don’t know the exact type of leather you have, care labels and instructions save the day.

leather cleaning process
There are general steps to keep your leather jacket in good shape:

  1. Dust the jacket to leather cleaning

    Use a brush or a soft cloth to dust the leather jacket. Wipe away any dust over the entire surface of the product especially the corners. Because they tend to be dustier.
    Dust tends to seem more noticeable if you forget to dust the leather earlier on. In this case, the process of leather jacket cleaning could be challenging.

  2. Apply Leather Cleaning Solutions

    use water and a soft sponge, lightly blot (don’t rub) the stain. After that, let the jacket dry out completely

  3. Using conditioners

At first, test out a small bit of leather conditioner in an interior spot of leather. when the jacket is completely dry, apply the leather conditioner lightly.
Get a good quality jacket cleaner and conditioner to maintain your leather jacket for a longer time. Because Just as your leather jacket requires a good cleaning, it also requires protection for it to last you a good number of years.

 Leather will always naturally lose some of it moisture, but using a reputable leather conditioner on finished leather can prolong its life.

Can You Dry Clean Leather Jackets?

You should know that limiting the moisture on your jacket can be a good thing. For this reason, it would make sense that dry cleaning would be beneficial to your leather jacket. You know that with dry cleaning, the leather cleaning is without water.
If you need professional help, our experts who specialize in cleaning leather, with a professional leather cleaning service can restore its vibrancy and repair the damage.
So we are here to dry clean leather jackets for general cleans, stain removal or even colour restoration.

dry cleaning-leather

Some advice to dry clean leather

Some of the dry cleaners use special chemical solvents for cleaning hydrophobic and delicate fabrics. While effective in textiles these organic chemicals are highly damaging to most leathers. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use a harsher chemical to remove stains on your jacket, but otherwise, cleaners opt for the safe way to clean your leather jacket, ensuring they are not damaged during the cleaning process.
Leather is hard-wearing and long-lasting material but does not respond well to getting wet or having liquids applied to it.


The Dos and Don’ts of Leather Jacket Cleaning

  • Do start with the mildest solution first. “Less is more when working on leather. You can always reapply or retry something, but once you apply it, you can’t go back,” Schwegmann says.
  • Do help the jacket dry as quickly as possible by leaving it in the sun or a well-ventilated area.
  • Don’t Clean your leather jacket too often
  • Don’t attempt to clean ink, makeup, oil, glue, or paint stains yourself. You’ll need to consult a pro.
  • Don’t use club soda—it may make the stain worse.
  • Don’t forget to feather when you blot, or the stain will simply be replaced by a watermark.
  • Don’t use Ammonia and Bleach
If your leather jacket has gotten a little dirty, order now to keep wearing your leather jacket for years to come.

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