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A wedding day is the most important day of your life. Every bride wants to feel special in a beautiful wedding dress. So, it is essential to understand which way for the wedding dress cleaning is the best.
In this article in London Dry Cleaning Company, we want to show you some safe ways for a wedding dress washing.
Your wedding dress can be kept for future generations if a little cared for probably. The key to keeping the wedding dress or any type of fabric, such as baby clothes is to protect the wedding dress from light and moisture.

Although washing a wedding dress at home is somehow tricky, you can do it yourself by considering the details.
Home wedding dress cleaning depends on the fabric and construction. If it is labeled as safe to wash the wedding dress in the washing machine, you can try it. Otherwise, you might clean it according to the below ways by hand.

The preservation of wedding dresses is different from standard dry cleaning

Wet cleaning often is better than dry cleaning for preserving the wedding dress. Because sometimes dry-cleaning solvent cannot remove perspiration or food spills.

how to care for wedding dress

Our expert recommends you 3 ways of wedding dress cleaning.


  1. Stains removal for wedding dress Cleaning

    If there are stains on the wedding dress, you might do something immediately to remove it. You can use an effective stain remover to clean the marks of food and drinks.
    There are some tips to do during removing stain:
    – As wedding dresses can consist of more than one layer of fabric, so it is better to look over each layer for any stains.
    -Test the stain remover on a small area of dress to ensure it doesn’t ruin the wedding dress.
    -To prevent transferring the stain to other layers, you can separate each layer with a paper towel.
    -After applying the stain remover, use a wet towel to gently push away from the stain. Then you can dry it with a hairdryer or let it dry itself.

  2. Using bathtub

    Maybe you need to wash all the whole parts of the wedding dress. Fill the bathtub with clean and warm water. Soak the dirty wedding dress in the bathtub. Then you can use a toothbrush to clean carefully. If necessary, clean stains outside of the clothes with a toothbrush. Brush gently on any stains.
    And finally, dry the fabric with particular attention to lace and trim. Don’t forget should not hang the wedding gown. You can just hang it when the wedding dress id dry, and the bulk of the water has dripped away.

  3. Preserving wedding dress

    – Use a clean sheet for ironing the wedding dress. Make sure the board of iron is clean and set the temperature low, then increase it gradually.
    -Fold it loosely and then store it.
    – protect it from the light because direct sunlight will cause it yellow.
    – Don’t store the wedding dress in plastic.

    wedding dress preserving

Our customers always ask us whether the wedding dress can be washed in the washing machine.
You should know that it is possible but under some conditions:

  • The fabric should be washing machine-friendly like cotton or polyester.
  • Have no decorations that may get stuck in the washing machine and tear.
  • Use a washing bag to ensure it will not get stuck or torn.

By combining the stain removal and complete cleaning methods on the wedding dress, you can get a good result.

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Be sure to read the label and follow all the above steps and tips. If you still are concerned about the wedding dress cleaning, leave the cleaning to the experts. Because this a tricky process. So if you have a wedding dress in your closet, order now.

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