keeping your dark clothes dark


When we are going to buy new clothes, we prefer to purchase dark-colored or black ones.
Most of us do it because dark clothes make us look leaner. Other advantages of using dark clothes courage us to buy them.

But the problem will appear on washing time. We try to present some easy and usable tips; you can learn how to wash dark clothes, hold their color longer, and last longer following by London Dry Cleaning Company.


Tips and tricks to keep dark clothes dark:


1-Be sure the clothes need to be washed.

When you toss any piece of clothing in the washer, regardless of the color, there is a bit of damage to the fabric fibers. It doesn’t matter how carefully you handle them, a little wear and tear occur. This change affects the color and integrity of the fabric.

So before doing the washing, ask yourself if those clothes really need to be washed. Perhaps they can go back in the closet or drawer to be worn again.

You can protect the color of your dark clothing, and save some time and money by doing less laundry.

2- Read the label

The first consideration before sorting clothes is to determine whether a garment should be washed at home or dry cleaned. If you don’t know what to do, read the clothing care label.
It’s there to help you keep your clothing in their best shape possible. Notice if your different clothes have any specific needs of washing and follow accordingly.

3- Separate and sort clothes

This step is essential in the laundry. Separating light-colored clothing from dark items prevents dye transfer.

4- Turn your clothes inside out

Many of us do not take this simple step. It’s flipping your clothing inside out to prevent agitation and friction between fabrics and your garment.
Although this step does not take long at all, it will make a huge difference in preserving the color and quality of your clothing.
This will also help the front of your clothes, having direct contact with your detergent to avoid the risk of snagging with buttons or zippers.

5- Wash in cold water

Using the right water temperature is essential. Always use the coldest water temperature possible when washing dark clothing.
Hot water will fade dyes and cause more dye bleeding more quickly than cold water. Be sure that your washer is set to use a cold water rinse cycle. There is never a need to use hot or warm water to rinse clothes.


6- Choose the most appropriate detergent for darks

Try to use a detergent that is formulated for dark colors on hand. If you don’t have, the least use amount of your regular detergent as necessary for cleaning your clothes. One or two teaspoons is enough for a regular load of laundry.

 On the other hand, liquid detergent can avoid any undissolved particles from clinging to dark clothes leaving the finish looking dull.

Consider if clothing has any stains, try to remove them before washing. You can read some tips about removing stain to do your best.

keeping dark clothes dark

7- Use a gentle cycle or hand wash

These cycles have shorter wash cycles with less agitation that can damage fibers and cause them to break and look fuzzy and faded. Also, choose a slower final spin cycle to avoid the breaking of fibers.
Hand washing is always a good option for delicate dark items.

8- Avoid drying in the Sun

Drying is an important step. As the heat from the dryer can be an enemy depending on your garment’s material, hang dry or lay flat your clothing to dry.
Drying dark clothes in direct sunlight can fade them. To avoid this, be sure that it is not drying in the sun as the natural light will cause fading. Using an indoor drying rack placed away from direct sunlight, or an automatic tumble dryer is the best way to dry dark or black clothes.


9- Add a bit of salt

Natural ingredients such as salt can be used in multiple ways when it comes to stains and laundry! But in our case, stop the color from fading from your dark clothing using regular salt.
The chloride found in salt will be helpful in preserving the color. Add 2 tablespoons in the wash.

When it comes to preserving your clothes, fade and friction are two of your most significant worries.
There were some ways to keep your black and dark clothes from fading. Our specialist attempts to survive your items from this kind of damages.

If you have a piece of dark clothes or mountains, get rid of them by clicking on Order online, safely leaving your items to us.


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