7 top laundry mistakes

Everyone has some unpleasant experiences related to washing their clothes.Too many jeans have been stretched beyond repair, and too many expensive athletic garments have lost their stretch factor. Are there laundry mistakes or it’s nearly impossible to keep all the clothes safe?
Here, in London Dry Cleaning Company, we will show you it turns out you’re just doing your laundry wrong. Apart from separating lights and darks, there are a few tricks to increase the clothes’ lifespan.
So, the first step to have a safe way washing method is knowing mistakes which you’re probably making. Let’s start with…

 7 most common laundry mistakes:

  • Rubbing stains

It would be best if you were gentle and methodical instead of rubbing stains furiously. Use stain remover, or look up what to do in specific cases. (Such as bloodstain)
You can read more about stains Here.



  • Incorrect sorting

    Separating darks and light is probably a part of your laundry routine. But you should also sort the items based on the material as well. You are separating heavier clothes from lighter clothes to get the best clean.


  • Use of excess detergent

    Maybe you think it is logical that adding extra detergent to your laundry load will make the clothes extra clean.
    But the reality is different. Overusing detergent can cause the extra suds to hold more dirt and bacteria, which prevents areas like collars from rinsing completely clean. So, use a small amount of detergent.


  • Ignoring the “Dry-Clean Only” Label

    don’t wash something that has the label of dry-cleaning. Although the modern washing machine makes laundry more comfortable, they are not built for cleaning delicate materials.

To avoid ruining items of clothing such as silk, suede, and leather      should always use dry cleaning.


  • Not zipping zippers all the way top

One of the big mistakes we all often do it is zipping zippers all the way top. The zipper can snag delicate and woven clothing that is being washed in the same load.


  • Too much bleach

    You should consider that bleaching is not good for fabrics. So, don’t overdo it. Because excessive bleach can irritate your skin and make you sick.too much bleaching


  • Too hot water

    People often think that the hotter the water, the cleaner the clothes. Despite the fact, it’s not necessary to wash most items in hot water. Keeping the clothes in better shape, and save a little on your energy bill is the benefits of warm water, not hot water.


Also there are some tips to find out how to clean your garments the right way:

-Never place them in the dryer, because the dryer heat might shrink them.

-You should always wash them separately in a delicate bag.


– wash always the bras in a delicate bag.
–  setting your machine to gentle cycle will prevent the hooks from snagging on other clothes, stretching out the bands.


-If you place them in the dryer, they will be baggy, faded, and tired-looking.
-always hang them to dry.


If your washing machine is dirty, it’ll be much less effective at cleaning. Keep it clean by occasionally doing a cycle without laundry, just with water and vinegar.




We have the various services that will not make you feel any burden for the dirty clothes. One thing you have to do is order online and the rest will be our responsibility. We will fix the appointment, come to pick up your clothes and then drop them at your place after washing them and ironing at your request.

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