How to wash underwear

According to experiences, underwear clothes are the most difficult clothes to wash correctly. Because they get dirty quickly and some delicate need unique treatments before washing.
In this article, we try to show you how to wash underwear step-by-step and extend their lifespan. And in this way you can effectively save your money.
In order to get the most out of our underwear clothes, we tapped the fit experts at London Dry Cleaning Company to give us the best tips and tricks for making those little intimates last, keep their shape, not stretch out, and more.
We are talking about the proper way to clean underwear.

According to The Hygiene Doctor, Dr. Lisa Ackerley, who is the health expert unless you set your washing machine to a certain temperature, it won’t kill the bacteria on your undergarments

So, it is better not to put them in to wash with other household items.


How to wash underwear in washing machine

You can easily avoid damaging or shrinking underwear, if follow our step-by-step process for cleaning items.

1-  After sorting underwear by color, you should treat stains. The water can set the stains on the clothes, so first you should remove any stains. Apply stain remover solution like Shout, OxiClean, or your other preferred brand, onto soiled garments and let it sit for about 30 minutes.



 *About blood-stained underwear, put a pinch of salt on it and run it under cold water.

* Never use the warm water to remove blood stains, because it sets stains on the fabric.


2- Using the gentle cycle for washing. To ensure that underwear aren’t damaged while washing, use the gentle cycle on the washer. The regular setting can cause holes or rips on the underwear.

3- Use a mesh delicate bag for washing bra, slips, and items. To prevent from twisting, pulling, and stretching of the fabric, you put your delicate in a mesh bag.


*If your underwear is white, you can use a little bleach to kill bacteria

*You can also iron your underwear after washing it to further sterilize it.


4- It’s best to wait and do a load of only pairs of underwear to keep them safe. Wash the underwear all together, and don’t wash them with other clothes, because of causing tears, holes, and stretching.

5- Lay the underwear flat or hang on a clothesline to air dry. To keep your underwear pairs from shrinking, you should lay the underwear flat or hang on the clothesline to air-dry them for 2-3 hours.




Hand washing

It is necessary to check the washing instructions on the tag of the underwear. Some underwear that is “hand-wash only” will have a symbol on the tag that looks like a hand in a bucket of water, or the tag will say “hand-wash only.” These kind of delicate should be hand washed.

1- Fill your sink with water, add the amount of mild shampoo or baby shampoo. Then soak the items in soapy water for about 5 minutes. The temperature of the water depends on if there is a stain on them or not.

2- Move the garment in the water with your hands and avoid wringing, tugging, scrubbing, and stretching the fabric. Then roll the underwear in a white towel to remove excess water. Avoid using colored towels to do this step.

3-Finally, Hang the underwear to dry. If you don’t have any space to hang items, you can lay them flat on a towel.



We know that when it comes to washing some types of underwear, like washing bras, you may be concerned that the delicate fabric could become damaged in the washing machine. On the other hand, you may not be sure how to properly kill off any germs and bacteria.
That’s why we offer services that alleviate these concerns.You can be in touch with us and order online.


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