washing baby clothes

Washing baby clothes is one of the most factors to keep babies healthy. Because their immune system is still evolving.

In this article on London Dry Cleaning Company, we will say what to look for, what to avoid, and how to choose a laundry detergent for little one.

 Stay with us.


How can do washing baby clothes?

In this video, you can watch the processes of washing baby clothes with all you should do to clean their clothes from bacteria.



Important tips and Precautions for washing baby clothes

It seems that washing your newborn and baby clothes is tough, but it’s not. With the following tips in each step, it can be easier than you think.


1- Read the label

 The fabrics of baby clothes may require special treatment to be best washed, or they can be washed with regular clothes. The first step is to check the label on each baby garment, and pay attention to the washing temperature, drying procedure, recommended detergent, etc.

2- Sorting clothes

 Sort all clothes into smaller white, light, and dark colors. Keep all clothing separately to ensure that you do not wash them with regular clothing. Maybe it would need to separate and sort them by temperature.
Put the baby’s dirty clothes in a separate basket. The baby will go to the laundry soon because of diaper leakage and vomiting, or maybe just because you want to see him/her wearing different clothes. If the baby’s clothes are separated and organized, it will be easier to track them and know when to do more laundry.



3- Choosing a detergent 

  • Cradle cap, eczema, or other different allergies can crop up in the early months of baby’s birth. Because their skin is more sensitive than the adult’s skin.
    So, choose the most appropriate detergent to make sure the baby isn’t coming into contact with any skin problems.
    For choosing the right detergent, you should look for a laundry detergent which has some features:

    Free of dye
  • Free of fragrance
  • Free of brighteners
  • Minimal preservatives
  • Hypoallergenic

 On the other hand, you must avoid something in detergent like:

  • Brighteners
  • Bleach
  • Laundry pods



If you are aware of a skin rash on your baby’s skin, definitely call your pediatrician.

In the meantime, you could use the extra rinse cycle on the washing machine to rinse away any detergent.

 4- Removing stain

 generally, removing stain while they are fresh, is more comfortable. We said before all you need to know about removing stains.

 Although the biggest stain-causing problems you will have to face with a newborn are poop, spit-up, and baby oil, the standard rules that you have followed for every other wash still apply.

5- Baby-only load

 Most of the time you shouldn’t wash your clothes with your baby’s. 

 6- Washing new clothes

 It is necessary to wash baby clothes when you buy them. Because you have no way of knowing what might have come into contact with the clothes before you get them.

7- Right temperature

For washing baby clothes, 30c or 40c degrees is ok. But if your baby is sick, the higher temperature may be beneficial to eliminate any severe bacteria.

Another way to keep baby clothes looking newer longer is to use the gentle cycle.

8- Drying

We recommend not to use a dryer for baby clothes. There are some advantages to line drying baby clothes. Besides, sunlight can bleach whites and probably destroy bacteria.


 9- Hanging

As baby clothes are so tiny, it can be challenging to hang or fold them. Our recommendation is to buy a baby-sized hanger.

Now you know how to wash baby clothes with a washing machine. But what do you think about handwashing?

Most of the experts highly recommended hand washing rather than machine washing. Here is some easy step to do that in the best way:

  • Clean your hands
  • Right temperature
  • Soak in hot water
  • Dry baby clothes

Put warm water and a teaspoon of detergent in the sink or bathtub. Soak the clothes in soapy water and let them soak for 10 to 20 minutes. Avoid rubbing or twisting, as this may cause the clothing to stretch or damage.

That’s all you need to know to help tackle the pile of laundry with ease. But if you want to spend more time with your newborn to make memories, you can leave this task to us safely.
Our specialists put their knowledge and sufficient care for washing baby clothes. Order here.


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