A person is placing colorful clothes into a front-loading washing machine while considering alterations for the perfect fit.
When Is it Okay to Mix Colored clothes?

When is it Okay to Mix Colored clothes? In this post, we are going to answer the question of whether we canmix colored clothes in laundry? You have a mountain of clothing you need to wash in your washing machine. About 30% are whites, and 70% are colored clothes. You need to save time and clean all the clothes together.Shortcuts

A hand is pulling a black t-shirt from a row of shirts on wooden hangers. The selection includes white, gray, and black shirts. The hangers are on a white bar against a plain white background, showcasing the organized results of an excellent laundry service.
Keeping Your Dark Clothes Dark

keeping your dark clothes dark When we are going to buy new clothes, we prefer to purchase dark-colored or black ones.Most of us do it because dark clothes make us look leaner. Other advantages of using dark clothes courage us to buy them.But the problem will appear on washing time. We try to present some easy and usable tips;

A white detergent bottle sits on top of a gray and beige garment, suggesting a professional laundry service. An orange rubber glove lies next to it, all on a light-colored surface.
9 secrets to stopping colors from bleeding

9 secrets to stopping colors from bleeding   The biggest secret to minimizing color bleeding lies in choosing clothes that are less likely to bleed. According to our specialist’s experiences in London Dry Cleaning Company, There are about 9 secrets to stopping colors from bleeding and fading in washing. The first step is about knowing what the color