choose a dry cleaning service
How to choose the best dry cleaning service?

Sometimes some housework may be required, and in this case, dry cleaning services will come in handy. Performing such tasks can be time-consuming and not ideal, especially if your schedule is tight. However, most of the time, people tend not to pay attention to where they put their clothes for dry cleaning. Most people are satisfied with the

How to care for cashmere?

Although a good-quality cashmere can be expensive, cashmere is popular for its long-lasting composition and luxe, cosy feel. So, caring for cashmere is like an investment. If you want to keep beauty in your closet and it lasts for years, follow us in London Dry Cleaning Company to know how to wash it and keep it in great

Best way of washing jeans

It seems that Jeans are the most comfortable clothes you own because they are durable. On the other hand, they go well with almost anything. As jeans require special attention, even after the first use knowing the best ways for washing jeans help keep your pieces looking great. You can learn the basic of washing jeans with London

7 top laundry mistakes

7 top laundry mistakes Everyone has some unpleasant experiences related to washing their clothes.Too many jeans have been stretched beyond repair, and too many expensive athletic garments have lost their stretch factor. Are there laundry mistakes or it’s nearly impossible to keep all the clothes safe? Here, in London Dry Cleaning Company, we will show you it turns

How to wash underwear

How to wash underwear According to experiences, underwear clothes are the most difficult clothes to wash correctly. Because they get dirty quickly and some delicate need unique treatments before washing. In this article, we try to show you how to wash underwear step-by-step and extend their lifespan. And in this way you can effectively save your money. In

Dry cleaning or washing? Which one is the best?

Dry cleaning or washing? Which one is the best?   Although the number of people who use professional companies to clean their dirty laundry has increased, lots of us don’t know the differences between dry cleaning and washing (laundry cleaning). In this article, on London Dry Cleaning Company, you will know the difference between the two, and you

How to care for silk

How to care for silk   One of the most popular fabrics which are used in clothing is silk. Good insulator, Lightweight, Smooth, Soft are some characteristics. As silk is a natural protein fiber and a delicate fabric, you may feel nervous about washing any silk clothing you own. In this article on London Dry Cleaning Company, we

how to choose the best washing machine?
How to select the best washing machine?

How to select the best washing machine? Dirty laundry is one of the duties that no household can ignore it. Nobody can throw away the garments that put on every day. Thankfully, a washing machine does the job for you, so no longer you have to do any difficult hand washing.The issue would be how to select the

How to wash clothing to prevent COVID-19?

How to wash clothing to prevent COVID-19? At first, you should consider that clothing is 'unlikely' to be a source of infection if you're not a medic working all day with COVID-19 patients, experts say.In this article on the London Dry Cleaning Company website, we are trying to show you some tips helping you protect yourself and your family

removing stains from clothes
How to remove stains from clothes?

how to remove stains from clothes? Sometimes, new clothes get retired soon just because of the stains. It is necessary to find how we can remove stains from clothes we love. London Dry Cleaning Company is here to give you useful information along with the services provided. If you are not sure to know about all steps of